My Bestfriend's Wedding

Last Weekend, one of my bestie since High School getting married. She's the first who get married among eight of us (back in High School, I've seven close friends and called ourself with Yamkarlic). I moved when first time I saw her with her Wedding outfit. She's so beautiful and soon to be someone's wife.

Day 1
Akad Nikah @ Her house

Beautiful Bride
Bride and Groom
With Betawi Tradition outfit
It's a beautiful yet touchful moment when the Bride asked permition from her parents and the Groom said Ijab Kabul. *teary eyes

Day 2
Wedding reception @ Menpora

Attented the wedding reception with my BF and my lil brother.
They wore Padangnese tradition outfit
Minus two of my friends. Too bad they couldn't come.

What I wore :
day 1
Mom's Kebaya encim - Unbranded tanktop - Jeans - Little things she needs clutch - Garage Shop heels

day 2
Kebaya and bustier made by tailor - Mom's clucth - Unbranded wedges

Candid by my friend. Love it!

Congrats Siti & Abang. I wish your marriage will be full of love, joy and sakinah, mawadah n warahmah.

See you, people


  1. halo, cek blog aku ya. kamu dapat award:

  2. when u gonna married? hehe:) (im kidding)
    eh.i like your elegant.

  3. Looks so much fun! and everyone is so colorful. I lovet he candid picture of you!
    Aesthetic Lounge

  4. These pictures are Beautiful ! I Love your shoes !

  5. Great photos! Looks like it was a great wedding :)


  6. aih aih
    I heart ur style
    super chic

  7. oh indonesian wedding is just beautiful! <3
    it was definitely touching for me when the first of our friends got married last year too...

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  8. Really beautiful wedding photos, love the bride's dress!
    My best friend got married a few weeks ago, so I know exactly what you mean about how emotional it can get : )

  9. what a beautiful traditions u have!!!!

    so colourful! so beautiful!!

    Girl, u look good!


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