Assymetric Blue Dress

Another Wedding invitation, Another time playing with my dress.
Yesterday was the time for my Assymetric dress. Because the wedding was held at afternoon, so I need something really comfortable and These dress is so perfect! Love the loose, the shape and it's so comfort. Wore it with my cage heels and my mom's clucth. Trying to make it simple.

I'm waiting my bangs grow longer, cause right now, it's such a mess. Like your can see on my last post. I cut it but it didn't turn so good. So i clipped it everywhere I go. Hehehehe

I got an award from other bloggers, First from Emma (Fancy Bella) and second from Indi (Dunia kecil Indi). They both gave me this award.
Thank you so much guys..
And the rule is I have to tell you 7 facts bout myself. Okay hmm.. * I need quite long time to think bout this. But I'll give it a try.

1. I'm not really care about fashion up till i'm in college. I used to be a boyish little girl. I always had short haircut since elementary. Wore t-shirt, jeans, sneakers or sandals all the time. My friends like to say that I'm handsome. *sigh

2. I believe in love at the first sight. I did feel it with my BF since the first time we met, July 2003.
Me and Him long time ago

3. I can't walk with 12 cm or more heels. I'm scared of falling. 9cm is safe for me.

4. I love korean movies and artists. Lee Min Ho, Goong Yoo and Jang geung suk are my favorite.

5. I'm still a fan of Tweety Bird. Tweety is so cuuuuteee. I have carpet, bed sheet and towel in my bedroom. :D

6. My dream jobs are to be a Psycholog or to be a kindergarten teacher. I love kids..

7. I love reading manga. Detective Conan and Doraemon are the best!

Now, I'll pass this award to 7 gorgeous woman and they are Margaret (Fashionlitter), Diana (Dressed Up Alligator), Tugba (P.S I Love Fashion and Beauty), Mimi (Aesthetic Lounge), Fitri (Sweet Suit), Nina (NinaSaysHello), and Claudia (Life in Blond).

See you guys..


  1. That dress is gorgeous! And those shoes are really cute too. <3 Of course you're still a fan of Tweety! He is the cutest LooneyTune in the world!!! xx

  2. I Really LOVE that dress !! I love the assymetric style. You and your BF look so Cute in those photos.

  3. thanks for the award, love that blue dress!

  4. U are so pretty!
    I love this blue color.

  5. Thank you so much for the award. I posted my 7 things last week:)
    Aesthetic Lounge

  6. nice dress and congratz for the award


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