Headless Post

 After you see my photos, you'll know the reason i make that title. So obvious..
Well, actually this my outfit last Sunday when I went out with my mom and lil bro. After accompanying my mom to do some household shopping, we went to one distro in Bintaro. I bought a little black dress, a simple one. So excited to try it again at my house. When I open the plastic bag, OH MY! how could my DRESS suddenly change into CARDIGAN????
Whyyyyy?? oh why??
Where's my dreeeesss...??? T_T
I think I'm going to sell that cardigan.

what I wore:
thrifted denim blouse-unbranded skirt bought at Plaza Ambarukmo-Payless heels-mom's belt

Ah, anyway my grandparents are here in Jakarta. I think my grandma's going to celebrate Christmas in here.

see you guys..
Have a fab day!