Happy birthday,Twins

Last Sunday, me, my sibling, my BF and some cousins made a not so surprised surprise birthday celebration for our mom. Yep! my mom had a twin. And just like the other twins, sometimes the like to wear same clothes, in purpose or not in purpose. Yesterday they wore same top. 
Why i said the bday celebration not so surprised surprise celebration? because they already know that their children arranged a celebration for them. Actually, my mom didn't know that we make a celebration with my aunt family, she only knew that her children had a plan for her but unexpectedly my aunt who already knew the plan, told my mom bout the plan. Aaaaa...
So we had lunch at a restaurant in Bintaro. And when our mom think that the surprise is over, we came with bday cakes made by my cousin. They're shocked. hehehehe

 Blowing the candles. 
 My mom is on the right. Same top, same hair style and both wear glasses. What a twins!

My nephew really excited about blowing candle

What I wore :

 Girfted dress-just kulkith shoes-Jcpenney bag-unbranded belt

Happy birthday mom..I wish God give you a great life and year to come
Love You

See you..
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Darkness Inside Mind

Retail Therapy had launched their newest collection "Darkness Inside Mind" which of course contain tons of GREAT  piece. Find their full collection at their blog HERE and don't forget to follow their twitter to get 10% discount.

My favorite pieces
 Classic black dress with black sheer
Draped lite outer with gold buttons in navy



Bag bag bag..

This month I got many new bag. I'm so happy, because I'm not a person who likes to buy bag very often.Let me show you my new bags.
I got this bags from my Mom. She bought it when she went to Singapore. The left one, is my daily bag now, I use it everywhere I go.
And this bag is from Chictopia. I redeem this bag with my points. It was the first time for me redeemed something in Chictopia. This bag came to my house less than 2 weeks.
I think that's it for now. Sorry I don't have an outfit photo..
See you..