I'm So full

Went to PIM with my siblings then ate @Hanamasa. I ate a lot and I'm so full..

Queenbee Madness Dress & Cardigan - Nefertiti Jewelz necklace - Casio watch - Unbranded bangles - Marie Claire wedges - Mom's bag

Wearing my shocking pink nail polish from Oriflame

see you people..


From you

Found this sketch in my binder. My boy gave it to me like 6 years ago. So sweet..


Hey I Got That!

Hey People.. Last Wednesday, My sister told Me that I win a quiz contest from Drop Dead Diva held by Indovision. So Last Tuesday i went to Indovision's office to take this..

I've got vouchers from Johnny Andrean Salon and a gift voucher from SOGO, each consists Rp 1.000.000.. Right now. I'm still haven't using that vouchers but i can't wait to indulge myself.

See you people


Can you help me?

Does anyone have a reference book about learning achievement or computer assisted instruction??????? i really need some help.
OMG, I'm so confused about my tasks! it's so crazy like doesn't have any ending and i feel like i don't have my free day as i used to.


The Djati's Clan

Hai people,,
Like you can read on my previous post, i just have a family gathering at Puncak.
On Saturday which is the second day we had a photoshoot, wearing our identical T-shirt.

See you people..



Hei people, how's your long weekend? What are you doing last weekend? i went to Puncak with my big family to celebrate my uncle's birthday party. It was so much fun to spent my weekend with them. We sang, we took a lot of picture and the best part, we used the same clothes. Actually, my uncle design a t-shirt for all of use..That's cool!!!
That's what i wear on the first day

The traffic was making me insane. It took 4 hour to reach Puncak. it's make me bored and tired so i took few picture of myself. Me personally love the second one, it's so natural, i don't even edit it. Isn't that great?

The dresscode is Yellow and i don't have many options to wear so that's what i choose. it's so fun seeing all of my family wore yellow outfits. We're soo bright that night..

We eat, we dance, we laugh, we took lots pics and of course We enjoy the party.

See you people..