Met my Bestfriend since High school @ Strawberry Cafe, Gandaria..
We played lots of fun games and have a great fun time together..
Nice place with my best Girls, TOP!!!

Djawe, Dara, Me, Najonk, Indah, Nita and Winnie

Love this picture ^^

Happy Holiday and Happy New Year 2010, guys


Looklet time

These day i like playing my looklet. so please check my page..
Here's some of my latest looks

Merry christmas for everyone who celebrate it.Wish u have a joyful day.


I Met Her

Yesterday, I met my BFF since junior high, Winnie. Went to some Distro in Kemanggisan, company her to buy shoes. Then decided to have a drink at lounge nearby. It's been a long time not to see her. Miss her a lot!
Lots of people told us that we're both are like a twins.. ^^

Tommorrow, my boy will come home,, Yeay!



Yesterday I went to Dufan with my classmate,,Totally Tired but still have fun..
Dufan was so full. So we need to wait about an hour to entry the game..fiuuh..and wait for Tornado was so ridiculous! i've wait for 2 hours but then I gave up, but one of my friend still on the line for about 3 hours. THAT'S CRAZY!!

Ola, Ika, Pritin, Dita, Nia, Bude, Bebeq, Irma and ME

and Yesterday i also received this package from Nefertiti Jewels because I won their quiz in Twitter..Yeay! So happy..
Thanks so much,, they're cool!