Headless Post

 After you see my photos, you'll know the reason i make that title. So obvious..
Well, actually this my outfit last Sunday when I went out with my mom and lil bro. After accompanying my mom to do some household shopping, we went to one distro in Bintaro. I bought a little black dress, a simple one. So excited to try it again at my house. When I open the plastic bag, OH MY! how could my DRESS suddenly change into CARDIGAN????
Whyyyyy?? oh why??
Where's my dreeeesss...??? T_T
I think I'm going to sell that cardigan.

what I wore:
thrifted denim blouse-unbranded skirt bought at Plaza Ambarukmo-Payless heels-mom's belt

Ah, anyway my grandparents are here in Jakarta. I think my grandma's going to celebrate Christmas in here.

see you guys..
Have a fab day!


Random things

New DIY stuff. It's my old blouse that i turned it into a new outerwear.

Meet up with my besties. Is photobooth become smaller or we gettin bigger? Back in HS, we're able taking photo with 8 people. Now, it feel so full with only 3 of us. LOL. 

 New haircut

 Current activity : aerobic


Happy birthday,Twins

Last Sunday, me, my sibling, my BF and some cousins made a not so surprised surprise birthday celebration for our mom. Yep! my mom had a twin. And just like the other twins, sometimes the like to wear same clothes, in purpose or not in purpose. Yesterday they wore same top. 
Why i said the bday celebration not so surprised surprise celebration? because they already know that their children arranged a celebration for them. Actually, my mom didn't know that we make a celebration with my aunt family, she only knew that her children had a plan for her but unexpectedly my aunt who already knew the plan, told my mom bout the plan. Aaaaa...
So we had lunch at a restaurant in Bintaro. And when our mom think that the surprise is over, we came with bday cakes made by my cousin. They're shocked. hehehehe

 Blowing the candles. 
 My mom is on the right. Same top, same hair style and both wear glasses. What a twins!

My nephew really excited about blowing candle

What I wore :

 Girfted dress-just kulkith shoes-Jcpenney bag-unbranded belt

Happy birthday mom..I wish God give you a great life and year to come
Love You

See you..
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Darkness Inside Mind

Retail Therapy had launched their newest collection "Darkness Inside Mind" which of course contain tons of GREAT  piece. Find their full collection at their blog HERE and don't forget to follow their twitter to get 10% discount.

My favorite pieces
 Classic black dress with black sheer
Draped lite outer with gold buttons in navy



Bag bag bag..

This month I got many new bag. I'm so happy, because I'm not a person who likes to buy bag very often.Let me show you my new bags.
I got this bags from my Mom. She bought it when she went to Singapore. The left one, is my daily bag now, I use it everywhere I go.
And this bag is from Chictopia. I redeem this bag with my points. It was the first time for me redeemed something in Chictopia. This bag came to my house less than 2 weeks.
I think that's it for now. Sorry I don't have an outfit photo..
See you..


Red and Blue

I rarely wear many colours in one outfit. But for this time I played with colorblocking. I took my blue dress and wore it as a top, combine with my thrifted red skirt. I hope you don't get any eye sore.

What I wore:
Icons dress-thrifted skirt-Peter Keiza Heels-Bangle from my bestie

See you, guys
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Happy Anniversary to me and Bayu. It's been 8 years we're together. I hope soon we'll tied the knot. Saranghae..
The photo taken at Bayu cousin's wedding reception last July. Love to see him wearing bali traditional outfit.

See you guys..


I bought the pants couple months ago at a thrift store near my house for $1, but it was the first time I wore it. and I realized that it's so comfy to wear. I paired it with my new t-shirt, i bought with 20% discount. Now it's my fav t-shirt. I wear it over and over again.
Enjoy the pictures..

What I wore :
Thrifted pants-Connexion t-shirt-The little things she needs bag-Adorableproject oxford-vintage belt-random necklace

See you guys..

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Find your own treasure!

What I mean about that title is, go to your family closet (with their excuse, of course) and find the treasure. Just like I did, I searched on my lil brother unused shirt and found couple great shirts. And i would like to show you what I've found.

This shirt with headphone print actually an XL shirt. Too big and too long for me. So I cut it and make it a cropped top with tail hem at the back. I'm pretty satisfied with the result.
I paired it with my ripped jeans and Retail Therapy's heels.


I found a grey shirt. love the color. What I do next is I cut it to make a circle shawl. Yeay! now I have a circle shawl.

It's so simple right? So, now go find your own treasure and be creative with it!


Lunch Date

Spent my Saturday afternoon with my BF and lil brother. Went to PIM, ate sushi for our lunch and window shopping, looking for my brother birthday gift. Then rushed back home, cause me and my BF had to go to his friend's wedding reception at night.
I love hang out with my BF and brother. Sometimes only eat and window shopping or watch great movies (which appropiate for his age). I love to walk between them and hold their arms together.
Birthday boy
He's 14 now but for me he's still my cute little brother although now he's waay bigger and taller than me

What I wore:
unbranded top-Gaudi skirt-Pasar Senen vest-Mom bag-Sophie Martin belt-AdorableProject shoes-random bracelets

See you people



A shy "Hi" from a bad blogger like me. ^_^
Just a little update for my blog with simple outfit. I really reallllyy want to update my blog as often as possible. But, (Okay, here's my excuse) I don't have any camera that I can use to capture my outfit. I usualy use my phone (now it's used by my bro, I lend it) or digicam (now it's always in my Mom's bag).
This time I only grab a loose tank with my floral skirt. I don't care whether the headband match with my outfit or not, I just want to use it.recently purchase :
an oversized cardi from (X)S.M.L. It was on sale, 50%.
rings bought at online shop.

Have a great weekend
See you soon gorgeous!

P.s : I'm in good mood cause my BF already went home after 1 month stayed at Bali. YEAY!


I'm a GLEEK!

Recently, I just fallin' in love with GLEE. I know it's kinda late. No, but umm..SUPER LATE, i guess. But i just watched this series since season 2. Hehehe. When my BF told me that this series is good (season 1), I don't believe it. I think it's High School Musical look alike. And when I watched the season 2( i forgot which episode), I thought the way Rachel singing is too much. But i like Kurt and Will and the story. So I started watch this series based on their story. But now, I love to see they singing too.

I'm a fan of Kurt Hummel. I love his character and I love when he sang "I want to hold your hand". I had a goosebumps when I heard it.
Yeah, I'm a GLEEK now!

p.s : Sorry, no outfit post for today. I'm not in the mood of taking any photos.