It's feels like Sunday

This morning, i used to think what day is it. I think today is Sunday because all my family are staying at home and i wake up late. LOL! usually i have a class at Saturday but since this is my last semester i only have 2 day classes-Wednesday and Tuesday. YEAY! i got many free days.

Queenbee Madness Red top - Fairymuff floral dress - unbranded tights and belt


Did you know that..

Yesterday i spent the Valentine's day with my boyfriend. We went dinner @ moscatly and it was our first candle light dinner. Yeah the first time after this 6 years. That's why I'm so happy right now. I wish he puts a ring on my finger too to complete the day. hahahahahahaha

sorry for the bad picture. It's too dark there ^^

Happy Valentine and Chinese New Year, guys..

see you people..


Valentine's Day

i really want to watch this movie. I wanna watch Julia Roberts acts. Loooveee her!!

Have you watch this movie??


My happiness pills

I need to take them as often as possible!!

1. My lovely family

With my grandparents

Me - Tito (my nephew) - Edo (my brother in law) - mba Nares (my big sister) - my Mom - my Father - Danis (my lil bro)

That's me and my siblings couple years ago and my hair is short like a boy.

2. My Boyfriend

We've been together for 6 years and i'm always in love with him

3. My besties

Winnie and Me

Yamkarlic members

Me With Irma and Beq

see you people....


Drop anything

Hi blogger..
i think my blog is so lack of post. Sometimes i get very lazy to post anything.
Now i give you lots of thing.

Here, is my new DIY necklace.. Made from collar of my old shirt then i add some chain and studded. FOILA.. I got a new necklace without spending money..

and i also have a new tank top from my old shirt.. i cut the neckline and arm line

i just bought new ring from cimilikity shop and they're gorgeous.. i love the one in the middle

played with my photoDJ in my phone to edit my photos

see you people..