Drop anything

Hi blogger..
i think my blog is so lack of post. Sometimes i get very lazy to post anything.
Now i give you lots of thing.

Here, is my new DIY necklace.. Made from collar of my old shirt then i add some chain and studded. FOILA.. I got a new necklace without spending money..

and i also have a new tank top from my old shirt.. i cut the neckline and arm line

i just bought new ring from cimilikity shop and they're gorgeous.. i love the one in the middle

played with my photoDJ in my phone to edit my photos

see you people..


  1. ohwell..... the ring is thrilled me ringt now. a really great ring! i just want to have one.
    btw,thankyou for blogwalking to my blog,wanna exchange link?

  2. you have inspired me to cut my tees :D

  3. wow.. love your first ring(on left side)

    okay, let's exchange link!


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