Last Friday, I met up with some of my besties. Hang out around Gunawarman and Kemang and had great chit chat. My outfit that day was lack of colour. I only wear black and greay outfir. I don't know, lately, I'm in the mood of wearing the monocrome look. I'm in love with dark outfit better than bright ones.

what I wore :
Mom's sheer blouse-unbranded black top & bag-Nyla pants-Marie Claire wedges-Nefertiti's necklace

Anyway, Have a great long weekend, people..


Hello there

Just drop here to say

Wish you have a great weekend


My 22nd birthday

Hello guys..
How you guys doing? It's rainy at my place since yesterday. Lucky me, i don't have to go anywhere these two days. So, I enjoy the rain with a cup of coffemix and some snack and watch DVD, Korean series "Shinning Inheritance". Here's some photos when I hang out with my boy.

A heart necklace from him as my birthday present. Lovely..

Some pictures from my birthday. Taken at my house in the morning, before everyone went out for their own activity.

see you people..


I still feeling it..

The holiday spirit is still in my soul and mind. Seems like I need another holiday but I know, it's not the right time. Because I have a responsibility for finishing my thesis then I can graduate from college.
Some of my looklet style for summer and holiday

I found out this beautiful photoshoot that related to Holiday from Skye Stracke & Lindsay Ellingson : H&M Magazine Summer 2010.

source : HERE
See you people


Say it..

I would like to say..

I'm officially 22Nd years old right now..


Short Getaway part 2

Another tons of picture from my last holiday at Carita Beach. So take a cup of coffe or tea, sit back, and enjoy it...

see you people..


Short getaway part 1

Playing at the beach, swimming, trying the body board, running from the waves, trying to catch sunset, gossiping, cooking our own food, playing UNO. Aaaaaahhh..what a great day, especially when you spent it with your girlfriend! seems like I don't wanna go home. It's a good escape from daily life, college thingy and doing my thesis. Although I prefer to go to Pulau Tidung than Carita beach, because the beach and the scenery is way more beautiful, but it's OK. I still enjoy my short getaway.
Enjoy the photos, people..

Ika, Dita, Pritin, Me, Ola and Irma

Meteor garden's style. LOL!

Actually we're trying to catch sunset, but the weather was too cloudy and the sun was hiding behind the cloud, when we got there at the afternoon. poor us..
That's all for now. Continue soon, people..