My saturday night

I spent my Saturday night went to PIM with Bayu and ate at Sushi tei for dinner. we really craving for sushi until we were ordering too much sushi. Oooohh I really love salmon sushi. I want more! I want more! Lol
I'm sorry for my flat expression. I try to look cool but i failed. Hahahahaha I'll try again later.

Online shop's studded top-unbranded shorts-nyla tights-Amante shoes-Mom's bag-SVS necklace-DIY love bracelet & Unbranded star bracelet

Tommorrow i'm going to go to Carita with my college friends. Can't wait to play at the beach. Ooohh Holiday I'm coming babbbyyyyy!!!
See you people

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  1. thank you loh

    i luv ur neklace btw...


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