I'll Keep You FOREVER

BestFriends is...
For me, They're like a gem
Rare, fragile and if you've found them,
you'll keep it very carefully and you don't wanna lose them

i hope this friendship will last forever

I wore my new wedges from Marie Claire for the first time and i'm reallllyy love this one. cause it's so comfy and not makes my legs hurts. it's my fav right now.And if you pay attention, i think most of my shoes are from Marie Claire.

What I wore :
Suexe Jacket-Theory X top-black jeans-Marie claire Wedges-Mom's bag-bazaar Citos bangles

See you, people


First experience

I think it's been quite a while since my last outfit post. So right now, I'm gonna make a new one. Hmm..I wore this outfit maybe couple weeks ago when my friend asked me to be her model. Can i call this a photoshoot? I'm too shy to call it like that because I'm not a model. Hehehehe But hey never say never to try a new thing, right? I'm so happy when my friend asked me to. Enjoy my photos..

Model : me and Nadia
Photografer : Irma
Location : Kota wisata, Cibubur

Anyway Winnie from Winniewingyi is helding a giveaway. She had many prizes for us , there will be 4 winners and it open Internationally. Yeay! hope i can win, hope i can win. Don't forget to join this giveaway, guys. ^_^

See you, people


Happy Ied 1431H

From the deepest of my heart, I would like to say
"Happy Idul Fitri 1431H".
Minal aidin wal faidzin
Mohon maav lahir batin
and also "Happy holiday, guys"