Ramen Time

I had a great Sunday afternoon. I went out with my Sister, my brother, my BF, and my cousins to Citos and ate at Ramen Sanpachi38. I try jigoku ramen level 3. The taste was different with jigoku ramen at Sanpachi38 Bintaro. It wasn't as spicy as there. I should have ordered higher level next time.

What I wore :
Thrifted top-Ciao Bella's skirt-Marie Claire shoes-Bangles bought at Bazaar Citos-Unbranded bag
Love the top, of course because of the pattern and the shape, it has batwing sleeves and also I got it thrifted.
Desperately need new haircut. I'm really boring with my hair right now. I want pixie haircut just like this but still not sure. What do you think? Is it yay or nay?
See y'all..
Have a great day


  1. I Love this outfit. You look like a model in it. As for the haircut... That is very drastic but I think it would look Cute on you. I am also a Big Ramen fan. There is an authentic Ramen shop in Seattle that me and my husband like to go to.

  2. oh dont cut your hairs like that! i think better u try medium haircut first.hehe:)) but if u want haircut like thats,its up to u! hehe:)

    oh.i love your top too.the shape,patterns so lovely:)

  3. love your top ! the print is amazing !
    i would love if you could check out my blog and tell me what you think

  4. beautiful blouse and pretty skirt!!

  5. you look amazing dear :D XXX es.

  6. NAAAAAAY! you better let your hair long. it's pretty :) nice outfit, btw. please visit my blog sometime. thanks :)

  7. hello, im planning to wear glasses like you do
    would you like to visit me back? thanks :)
    by the way I prefer long hair to pixie cut baby, why do you want to cut your hair?
    rep me back soon :)

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  9. absolutely YAY
    see me,,so fresh with short hair cut

  10. i like your top. everything works well in your outfit! love it! :-)


  11. aaaaaaa i love your top way tooooo much. i love the color and of course the BATIK print :D

  12. the crop top is gorgeous,such a great find! so vintage and i love it! thanks for stopping by anw :) and about the hair, i suggest you to consult with the hairstylists,they know better. but if you want something fresh, then it's a good choice too! :D

  13. yeah, check up my newest post if you mind :)
    I would be happy if you leave me some sweets

  14. totally loving your outfit:))

  15. Love this outfit so much :D


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