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Another giveaway held by blogger. She's Victoria Tjhia from VDCOUTURE. She gives a "ELECTRIC BLUE SHOULDER-PADDED BLAZER" and a "STUDDED POSTMAN BAG". I love the blazer. I hope I can win this giveaway. cross finger! if you want to join this giveaway, just click here.

See you people ^_^


  1. hey there..
    that is one lovely giveaway.. i like the jacket.. the bag's awesome but too bad i'm not destined to wear anything studded hahaha..

    ps: cute cursor :) :)

  2. I'm joining this giveaway too :) nice cursor!


  3. HOPE we can win !
    :) btw, it's nice to be here.

  4. Thanks dear for visiting mine.
    Hope you can win this giveaway.

    p.s : I love the blazer too :)

    Have a great day!

  5. ohya kita 1 kampus? emang kamu kuliah dimana ? aku di jurusan IT Univ.Gunadarma, Depok lhoo (possible you're wrong :P )

  6. ya ampuun, ternyata kita 1 kampus, nice to meet yaww in virtual world :))
    iya itu photo di pas lewat koridor ada temen iseng photoin , aku liat kakak suka ke flea market juga? kapan kita hunting bareng :D
    punya twitter ga kak ? follow punya aku @FitriHidayanti (biar lebih gampang contactnya)
    super excited nih !

  7. I noticed a lot of bloggers are joining vdcouture's giveaway, which means more competitions! i didn't join though, so good luck to you!

  8. i'm join it too

    check my new post plisss

  9. cool bag ! i love it :) and cute cursor u have. luv ur style. it's stylish n wearable :) plis check out my blog and feel free to frop a comment too :)


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