Can you S(h)ee(r) me?

This is what i wear when i met some of my besties last Saturday at Senayan City. Tried to combine sheer piece with ripped jeans, and ankle boots to complete my look. I keep my outfit simple without wearing many accesorries. Anyway, that's my new member of my shoes family, i've bought it last week and this is first time i try them on. Pretty comfy...
I think i'm gained more weight. My cheek looks more chubby right now especially when i smile. ooouuccchhh!! It's the efect from doing nothing at home, only sleep, eating and being lazy.
What I wore :
Mom's sheer blouse-ripped jeans bought at FO in Bandung-Mom's bag-Marie Claire's ankle boots
Details of my accesorries :
Red Swatch's watch-Phiegarage's gold ring-Unbranded sun ring-black bracelet bought at PIM-dolphin bangle from my BF

It's Dara, Winnie and Me

Thanks for reading my blog and leave your words, girls. I really really appreciate it. Your words means lots for me.
See you people. ^_^


  1. laras.u so rock!!!
    the ripped jeans so cool.:)

    btw,i give u an award on my blog.please take it.hehhe:)


  2. the outfit is sooo chic! love the sheer top with the ripped jeans!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  3. love your ripped jeans so much! :D

  4. iya,,menyenangkan pernah bosen ke BALI..
    emm,,itu karma kandara dii deket GWK n ULUWATU
    tempatnya bagus banget deh,,tapi mahal n disana ga boleh foto2,,tempat itu yg punya orang canada jd harga2 minuman n makanannya seharga orang2 bule..heheheh


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