Blow your candle, babe

I spent my Sunday afternoon with my boy, celebrated his birthday last Friday. We ate at our fave Sushi Restaurant, Sushi Tei at Pondok Indah and I don't know why, everytime we went there, their waitress always gave us the same sit. The four seat at the back, near the kitchen. Did they put our name on that sofa??? I wonder. LOL! We ordered lots foods, sushi, takoyaki and ramen. I didn't take any photos of them. But We had a great quality time there. It's been so long since the last time we spent our time together. We hadn't meet for two weeks. Poor us
Sushi Tei have a promo for birthday people. They give this birthday sushi cake for free and my boy got one. the cake contains of fresh salmon, mango, rice and roe. Hmm..nyamm nyamm nyamm
Bayu, Birthday man
Guess, how old is my man?

What I wore that day :
Theory X's top, Pasar senen skirt, My sis' bag, Garage Shop's black shoes, necklace, bangle and watch from my BF

See you People


  1. lucu rok nya,,gue juga lagi nyari rok di P.senen kemaren dapet yg unik banget warna ungu ;)

  2. i love the color of the skirt, very calm but girly.
    thanks for comment on my blog,

    keep visit,

  3. waa happy birthday ya buat pacarnyaa.
    aku juga jarang ketemu kok sama pacar aku. :')
    cute top anyway! ^_^

  4. you look cute! the sushi cake looks yum, hehe. happy birthday to your bf ya :)

    Castor Pollux

  5. OMGOSH birthday sushi cake?!?!? amazing amazing!! love it :)

    thanks for visiting :)

    <33 [v] hobovogue

  6. love the color of your skirt :)
    you and your boy look so lovely together ;)..


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