Eat Pray Love

Yesterday I just watch Eat Pray Love with my BF. Oh I love Julia Roberts so much and i love the movie too. I think it's a good movie. Cause many lesson that we can take from it. Like about balance of life that ketut liyer said, not too much God and not too much egoist. And about continuing life, you have to forgive yourself first before you can continue your life, cause when you don't, you'll stuck in that period of life. We can also enjoy the view from Itali, India and of course Bali. My boyfriend also love it. I guest it because they took place at Bali, his hometown. It's a recommended movie!!

At the first time, I was planning to wear rolled up pants but my siblings and BF said it's so weird. so I changed into this floral skirt. And suddenly i got a romantic feeling. Hehehe

I'm very happy spend my Saturday night with him. Finally we had a date. it's been two weeks since our last date. He's so busy right now. T_T

See you people,
Wish you have a nice weekend


  1. i like the film...nice story...

    hei,,gimana,,kamu jd datang ke blogger meet up nya gha???

  2. hey thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for your lovely comment too :)
    you are too cute !! love your glasses.

  3. love your skirt:)
    thanks for your comment

  4. cute skrit dear!
    happy sunday! :D



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