Do you like thrifting?

I do like it. I like thrifting. It always feels great when you can have a good pieces with a low prizes. especially when that clothes it's so unique. I don't really mind with wearing the same outfit with someone out there. Cause everytime I bought secondhand stuff, I always wash it. I like visiting Pasar Senen or one Used market near my house if i wanna go thrifting. But my parents disagree with that. they don't like it when i go home and bring secondhand stuff. But i still doing it till now. HAHA.
Anyway, i just bought that beige blazer from used market for only $2. First time I saw it, I just love it so much. I love the color, it's so soft and just like what I'm searching for, this couple time. So i bought it without any doubt.
I wore this outfit when I had lunch with my campus friend at Sushi tei.

I got an award from Dorothy. Yeay! thanks doro..
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See you, people
Have a great day ^_^


  1. hai laras :) thanks so much for the award.
    and that blazer didn't look like $2's one. you fitted with that color

    have a great day tho
    miss lia

  2. adore ur blazer and the pants!
    keep in touch:)

    xoxo kelly

  3. hey! following your blog now sweetie


    keep in touch

  4. i love thrifting too.i can buy lot of clothes that i want.hehe.
    and yeah i like color of ur soft!
    btw, u need to join any blogger meet up.its totally fun.hehe:))


  5. wow just $2 , hahaha i like buy a clothe from flea market like you...
    like your style dear...

  6. thrifting is great to find unique pieces !
    i love this outfit combo !

    have a great weekend !

  7. waaw. thank you so much for the award.
    i'll put it on my blog soon :)

  8. i like thrifting too dear!
    love your blazer colours! :)



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