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Hai there, I'm back with new outfit post. This is the first time i'm trying that backpack and got different comments.My BF and brother said that i looked like a school girl. But my sister said that it was cute, and she definitely would use it too. What do you think?
Thanks for you comments and prayers on my last post. Thank you so much it really means a lot to me. Now I've recovered from it. I'll tell you how I got that injured. On the first November, i got slip when i'm running at my house then fall . Then my chin hit the floor and it's like "BAAANGGG". sooo loud. At the first time, I think it only make me dizzy, but my sister realize that my chin was ripped/torn. It was bleeding. Thanks GOD my mom was at home so she can pick me right away to hospital. I got 11 suture. It hurts so much. But everything is okay right now. ^_^v

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  1. You look Fabulous ! Very Chic, like a model.

  2. hai laras!

    im a newbie here in blogging world ^_^
    looked like a school girl? why not ? hahaha
    love it!

    XoXo .. have a nice weekend

  3. nice outfit,,i like your triangle necklace

  4. yayyyy, glad to know that you are okay now :DD
    love your headpiece and also your backpack , jadi pengan punya :9

  5. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog : )
    You have such beautiful looks- definitely following you!

  6. Great shoes and're blog is really fun. I'm sorry you split your chin. Glad all is better!

    Oh, and I'm happily a new follower of yours as well!!

  7. Wow I really love your outfit!!!!!!! I love your bag and the sunglasses

  8. hai hai,,
    iya nieh baru sempet blogging lagi
    bz pulang kerja malam c n masuk pagi jadi ga sempet blogging deh../hehehhehe


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