A shy "Hi" from a bad blogger like me. ^_^
Just a little update for my blog with simple outfit. I really reallllyy want to update my blog as often as possible. But, (Okay, here's my excuse) I don't have any camera that I can use to capture my outfit. I usualy use my phone (now it's used by my bro, I lend it) or digicam (now it's always in my Mom's bag).
This time I only grab a loose tank with my floral skirt. I don't care whether the headband match with my outfit or not, I just want to use it.recently purchase :
an oversized cardi from (X)S.M.L. It was on sale, 50%.
rings bought at online shop.

Have a great weekend
See you soon gorgeous!

P.s : I'm in good mood cause my BF already went home after 1 month stayed at Bali. YEAY!