I'm a GLEEK!

Recently, I just fallin' in love with GLEE. I know it's kinda late. No, but umm..SUPER LATE, i guess. But i just watched this series since season 2. Hehehe. When my BF told me that this series is good (season 1), I don't believe it. I think it's High School Musical look alike. And when I watched the season 2( i forgot which episode), I thought the way Rachel singing is too much. But i like Kurt and Will and the story. So I started watch this series based on their story. But now, I love to see they singing too.

I'm a fan of Kurt Hummel. I love his character and I love when he sang "I want to hold your hand". I had a goosebumps when I heard it.
Yeah, I'm a GLEEK now!

p.s : Sorry, no outfit post for today. I'm not in the mood of taking any photos.