But it's not mine..

Attended my BF cousin's engagement party last Sunday. It was a beautiful moment seeing two lovers soon gonna be husband and wife. It's her day not mine. Aaaa.. I want it too! God, when my DAY will come? hehehehehe

What I wore :
N.y.L.a top-unbranded batik dress-Marie Claire wedges-Unbranded belt-random bangles.

I realized that I've been a bad blogger lately. I saw my blog archive, I've only posted twice or three times per month. Whaattt?? I'm soorryy.. I hope you're not boring with my blog. I'll try to post more next month. ^_^

see you on my next post, dear..



Stripes dress + Denim vest + Flat boots = COMFY

Unbranded stripes dress-AdorableProjects boots-Mom's bag-Pasar senen's vest

I'm trying to change my hairstyle, so I braid my hair. I got compliment from my cousins. They said I'm cute. YEAY!
Anyway, I'm still learning making french braid. I saw the tutorial on youtube, it seems easy. But when I try to do it myself, I know it's not as easy as it seen. I need more practice.


Sunny Day

What I wore when I accompanied my Mom to her workmate's wedding.Trying to keep my clothes simple with blazer, top and jeans. Love my new heels, it's so light and I feel like I'm not wearing heels. Feels like I'm tiptoeing barefoot.
thrift blazer-TheoryX top-everyday jeans-unbranded heels-The little things she needs' clutch
See my match nailpolish with blazer.

The weather was so unpredictable. Sunny and hot at day then raining at afternoon. Now, I got some sore throat and flu. sigh!