Model off Duty

They look super gorgeous!!!!

Who doesn't love model off duty style? I LOVE it especially when a model wore all black oufit. They look more fierce and edgy. So this is my model off duty look alike style inspired by them. Wearing all black outfit, I feel more confident. Wore this outfit when had dinner with my bestie, yesterday at Pondok Indah Mall. The black t-shirt is so comfy but it's too simple so I added a leopard scarf.

Sorry for lack of pose in the photos. I'm still learning.

See you, people


Fashion Geek's Closet GIVEAWAY

It's been a while since the last time i joined a giveaway. And this time, this giveaway is held by WYNNE PRASETYO from Fashion Geek's Closet.

It's a very cute pola dress, right? Aaaaaaaaa.. I want it so bad!!! ^_^
Wish me luck


Happy Holiday Everyone

It's almost new year, So I just wanna say

"Happy Holiday, everyone"
Have fun..

What's your plan for this new year celebration? Me? I don't have any plan. But i'm gonna share my unplan new year celebration with my BF, whether it's at my house or his. Not very interesting, huh?
Photographed by my BF, Bayu

See you, people


Family Time

What I wore :
Unbranded t-shirt, N.y.L.a pants, Marie Claire wedges

Had a great time with my family and my BF last Tuesday. We went to BSD for a dinner. I always feels great when surrounded by my beloved people. I also had some serious chat with my Mom and BF bout our future. :D