IN HOUSE THERAPY by Retail Therapy

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They have so many great pieces. Cutout dress, black lace dresses, blazer, jumpsuit, maxi dress, and clogs. They're all GORGEOUS! You don't want to miss it!
Me personally love the blazer on the second photo and one shoulder top on the fifth. Can't wait to shop there!

For further info, you can follow them @retailthrpy or check their facebook account HERE or visit their website HERE


Eat Pray Love

Yesterday I just watch Eat Pray Love with my BF. Oh I love Julia Roberts so much and i love the movie too. I think it's a good movie. Cause many lesson that we can take from it. Like about balance of life that ketut liyer said, not too much God and not too much egoist. And about continuing life, you have to forgive yourself first before you can continue your life, cause when you don't, you'll stuck in that period of life. We can also enjoy the view from Itali, India and of course Bali. My boyfriend also love it. I guest it because they took place at Bali, his hometown. It's a recommended movie!!

At the first time, I was planning to wear rolled up pants but my siblings and BF said it's so weird. so I changed into this floral skirt. And suddenly i got a romantic feeling. Hehehe

I'm very happy spend my Saturday night with him. Finally we had a date. it's been two weeks since our last date. He's so busy right now. T_T

See you people,
Wish you have a nice weekend


Do you like thrifting?

I do like it. I like thrifting. It always feels great when you can have a good pieces with a low prizes. especially when that clothes it's so unique. I don't really mind with wearing the same outfit with someone out there. Cause everytime I bought secondhand stuff, I always wash it. I like visiting Pasar Senen or one Used market near my house if i wanna go thrifting. But my parents disagree with that. they don't like it when i go home and bring secondhand stuff. But i still doing it till now. HAHA.
Anyway, i just bought that beige blazer from used market for only $2. First time I saw it, I just love it so much. I love the color, it's so soft and just like what I'm searching for, this couple time. So i bought it without any doubt.
I wore this outfit when I had lunch with my campus friend at Sushi tei.

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