Can you S(h)ee(r) me?

This is what i wear when i met some of my besties last Saturday at Senayan City. Tried to combine sheer piece with ripped jeans, and ankle boots to complete my look. I keep my outfit simple without wearing many accesorries. Anyway, that's my new member of my shoes family, i've bought it last week and this is first time i try them on. Pretty comfy...
I think i'm gained more weight. My cheek looks more chubby right now especially when i smile. ooouuccchhh!! It's the efect from doing nothing at home, only sleep, eating and being lazy.
What I wore :
Mom's sheer blouse-ripped jeans bought at FO in Bandung-Mom's bag-Marie Claire's ankle boots
Details of my accesorries :
Red Swatch's watch-Phiegarage's gold ring-Unbranded sun ring-black bracelet bought at PIM-dolphin bangle from my BF

It's Dara, Winnie and Me

Thanks for reading my blog and leave your words, girls. I really really appreciate it. Your words means lots for me.
See you people. ^_^


"Love is not as simple as candlelight and roses.
Love is day-to-day living,
taking time,
making time to be there,
with open arms and a giving heart
Love is the special life we share."
"Happy 7th Anniversary"

Spent my seven years with you, it's the best. You complete me, I complete you. It's feel like we're meant to be. Having you as my boyfriend, it's a God gift. But having you as someone who really love me, it's such a bless. Hope we always walk hand in hand together, make our little family, and loving each other until our last day. Thanks for painting my day. It's a beautiful life to live with you.

Love you


Join it, 3!

I try my luck on other giveaway. For now, Bethanny Putri from Afternoon tea and livingroom held this giveaway. And the winner will get a shopping voucher from worth £25.00. *drooling
Oooohh, I really love giveaway. I hope I can win. Amin. For Join this giveaway, click HERE

Anyway, Talk bout giveaway, i think i want make my own giveaway. Cause this September is my first blog anniv. would you mind to join mine?

See you people


Join it 2!

Another giveaway held by blogger. She's Victoria Tjhia from VDCOUTURE. She gives a "ELECTRIC BLUE SHOULDER-PADDED BLAZER" and a "STUDDED POSTMAN BAG". I love the blazer. I hope I can win this giveaway. cross finger! if you want to join this giveaway, just click here.

See you people ^_^


Blow your candle, babe

I spent my Sunday afternoon with my boy, celebrated his birthday last Friday. We ate at our fave Sushi Restaurant, Sushi Tei at Pondok Indah and I don't know why, everytime we went there, their waitress always gave us the same sit. The four seat at the back, near the kitchen. Did they put our name on that sofa??? I wonder. LOL! We ordered lots foods, sushi, takoyaki and ramen. I didn't take any photos of them. But We had a great quality time there. It's been so long since the last time we spent our time together. We hadn't meet for two weeks. Poor us
Sushi Tei have a promo for birthday people. They give this birthday sushi cake for free and my boy got one. the cake contains of fresh salmon, mango, rice and roe. Hmm..nyamm nyamm nyamm
Bayu, Birthday man
Guess, how old is my man?

What I wore that day :
Theory X's top, Pasar senen skirt, My sis' bag, Garage Shop's black shoes, necklace, bangle and watch from my BF

See you People


Today is Your Day

Happy your day, babe
I wish You have a wonderful birthday

Love you, night and day


I got awards

I just got two Hottest Female Blogger Award from Eugenia and Tika.

1. banner gambar tidak boleh diubah; baik tulisan, warna atau signaturenya tapi kalau resize gambar boleh
2. tuliskan siapa yang kasih award dan urlnya
3. pilih 10 female blogger yang kamu kenal dan belum menerima award ini, dan sebutkan alasan kenapa kamu pikir mereka pantas menerima award ini!

This award belongs to...

Because I love their post.

Hmm..anyway I just win PhieGarage Giveaway and I got these ring.
Woohooo...!! actually this is the first time I win a giveaway from other blogger.

See you people