Just a Quick post

Just remind you that I'm still alive. I just have nothing to share with you, lately. My life become so bored. So, i just wanna share my outfit. I wore this outfit when i spend my Saturday night at Sency with my siblings and my boyfriend

What i wore :
Mom's shirt, cutout short, Metro sandal, Sogo bag, SVS necklace, unbranded rings
unbranded star bracelet and dolphin bangles from my boyfriend

See you people
I hope you're not boring with my blog content


Bye friends, see you later part 2

"As we go on
We remember
All the times we
Had together
And as our lives change
From whatever
We will still be
Friends Forever"
-Vitamin C "Graduation (Friends Forever)"

It's been three years since the first time we met each other in one noisy class. Lots things happened. Friendships, fights, laugh, gone crazy beacuse of so many tasks, vacations. But the class is over, friends. Good luck for your thesis. See you on our graduation day.
Wish all of us will have a great future
I wonder you'll asking why all my classmate are woman. No, I'm not studying in homogenic school. It's because at my class, we only have two man and they decided not to go with us for this photoshoot. Can you imagine how noisy my class with 30 women inside? Sometimes I get dizzy when I'm around them. LOL
See you people..


Sunday is Family day

It was Sunday.
Everyone were off from their own routines.
Stay at home the whole day
Then feel bored.
"Mommy, lets hangout somewhere..."
*begging to my mom
So, We're off to PIM
Had family dinner at Sushigrove
Enjoy our family time.

What I wore :
Denim shirt from Pasar Senen, Ciao bella's black Skirt, Just kulkith' s Shoes,
Random accesories

See you, people


Bye friends, see you later

This is my last semester in college so after this final exams I don't have any classes anymore.
Because of that, me and my classmates decided to have a photoshoot together.
Then we went to Kota tua and striked a pose there with BATIK as the dresscode.
It feels like we're having photoshoot for a year book.
Here's some of the photos taken from my friend's camera.
The rest of them, i'll show you later after i've got the CD.

oohh my expression.. LOL

Still I can't enjoy my free time because I have skripsi-thing waiting for me. OH NO!!


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